Saturday, May 21, 2011

Php Code: Tagcloud Font Distributor

This will assign font sizes to tags based on their counts. It tries to evenly distribute the font sizes among the tags while keeping all tags with the same counts under the same font size. The data needs to be in the following format:

$tag[tag_name] => Tag Name
$tag[tag_count] => Number of instances of this tag
$tag[tag_class] => Resulting class name, ex: tag1, tag2

Please note that this does not work with a class object. This was designed to work with an array only.

Once you create an array of these objects, you can feed them to the cloud_tags() function which will assign each $tag with a tag_class based on it's tag_count and the overall number of font sizes and tags. The return result is the array sorted aphabetically with each tag_class properly assigned.

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